Located in Saint-Pierreville on the site of an old spinning mill, Ardelaine is a cooperative which promotes its territory’s resources and especially wool! 

Labelled ‘Living Heritage Company’, Ardelaine offers 4 guided tours, a shop with a lot of clothings, duvets or mattress made in its workshops, some courses, a coffee-bookshop, a locavore restaurant…

Guided tours, classes and courses
Discover the wool’s qualities thanks to 4 guided tours leaded by passionate guides, creative classes and courses for children and adults. 

The wool shop
A collection of 100% wool articles made in the workshops (clothings, duvets, mattress or an entire range of children products). Access to all the products, personalized advices, price of manufacture…. 

Coffe-Bookshop-Toast restaurant 
Reading while eating some delicious specialities…where you can find a rural grocer’s. 

Restaurant “La Cerise sur l’Agneau”
A local cooking with varied products of local producers (chestnuts, blueberries, peaches…) 

La Cerise sur L’Agneau © Ardelaine